Monday, February 7, 2011

Call up Webster. I've got a new term ...

It's so secret that I love a good deal. From coupon shopping and sale matching- I love to save money. Why pay full price when you can get most everyday items for free or extremely cheap? After a few good months of smart shopping, it doesn't take much effort before you've developed a little stock pile for yourself:
I'm not as crazy as this makes me look. At least I don't have cats too
This is probably how most Hoarders start their addictions, I imagine. Now, I've found a new way to feed my saving addiction without ever needing to leave my house- Amazon Mom. You see, by signing up for Amazon Mom, I get free shipping on most things! Free TWO DAY shipping. That means I can order something on Saturday and it's at my house by Monday! It's glorious. Don't worry- I'm not breaking the bank by ordering a life's collection of antique piggy banks or Martini shakers. It's not eBay. I'm usually only getting stuff that we would otherwise buy somewhere else, and at a cheaper price!

I'm so addicted to buying things we need on Amazon that I've coined a new term: Amazonin' It. As in:
"Shoot, we forgot to get something for my niece's birthday this weekend." "Not a problem, I'll just Amazon them something tonight and she can get it before her party on Saturday." or "Where did we get all these diaper liners?" "Oh, I Amazoned them last week because we were running low."

Amazon has come a long way since it's inception. It's no longer just for books and media. You can get ANYTHING on Amazon. (Well, nearly anything. Again, it's not eBay.) It's great for things like diaper liners, cloth wipes (which I'll do a post on this week), cloth diapering supplies, Christmas presents, etc. You see where I'm going here.

You see- a solution to a problem and a problem in itself.

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  1. Love Amazon and Amazon Mom! I have a 20% diapers (including some cloth) if you want it. It expires this month and I won't use it. Let me know. I wish all shopping could be that easy.