Monday, January 31, 2011

What's the story Morning Glory? And a weekend recap ...

Very rarely does Beatrice Kate wake up crying or fussy. In fact, most of the time she will make absolutely no sound at all. She is just like Casey is the way that it takes her a full 10-15 minutes after waking to fully be alert and ready to take on the day. I on the other hand, once I am actually awake, can spring out of bed and get going practically as soon as my eyes are open.

Usually, after Casey has gotten up, showered and dressed for the day, he will peek into Bea's room. This is a good example of what normally greets him:
Pacifiers provide in-crib entertainment
Or, she wakes up like this:
Swaddling is key to a happy wake up for this one

How great is that? Beatrice Kate has the amazing ability to wake up on the right side of the bed crib every. single. day. Sometimes, she will wake up and play by herself for a while as she waits on someone to respond to her. This playing usually involves talking to her mobile friends, looking at her hands or practicing her leg raises. It's sickingly cute to listen to on the baby monitor.
Hey you gu-uys!

I'll have to see if we can get it recorded on the FlipCam some day just to showcase her face-melting cuteness.

Anyway, we haven't had a good "Collins Family Update" in a while, so let's see... what exactly have we been up to?

House Showings: Yep, this is still going on. We've had close to 10 showings in the last 10 days. We also were thisclose to having an offer in our hands. But of course, in TYPICAL Collins' Family Luck- on the way to write an offer for our house, the buyers drove past another house... that they bought instead. I am not kidding. I almost threw up I was so sick over it. Who else would that happen but us?? We also met with our real estate agent tonight and she thinks that our price is good, our house is great; and that we shouldn't be putting in anymore money into the house. It's just a matter of waiting for the 'right' buyers. I have to believe that we will get another offer soon- otherwise, God, that's just cruel. Riding around town like a car full of gypsies is starting to get old. Fast.

Enjoying the weather: This weekend we did a lot of going outside. Partially because we had showings on Saturday and also because of North Carolina weather, where after a week of snow and ice and bone chilling temperatures, Spring springs up for random sneak previews and for two whole days, we had temperatures in the 60's. We took the dogs for nice walk around Lake Lynn and Arnold had a play date with a golden retriever puppy who needed some schoolin' from an elder. Cooper hid behind the stroller. If he has to choose between meeting a new dog and getting close to the baby- he'll side with family under dire circumstances.

Visiting with Bea's grandparents: Grandpa Collins came for a visit this weekend. Casey's birthday is on Wednesday so he's been livin' the high life with cards, gifts in the mail and free lunches left and right for the past few days. I'm sure that Dan and Jan (Casey's dad and step-mom) came mostly to visit Beatrice Kate, but letting Casey think it was for him couldn't hurt. Beatrice Kate of course, turned on the charm and was the picture of perfect during their visit. She only got cranky once; being awake for more than 4 hours  combined with being placed in the god forsaken car seat was too much to handle at the end of lunch.

you cannot resist the combination of  the hairbow and cheeks
Speaking of lunch, we returned to one of our favorite local spots, The Busy Bea Bee to celebrate "28 years of Casey" with his dad. Beatrice Kate spent all of 30 seconds in the provided high chair and about 1.5 hours in various laps. She was very well behaved during lunch, except for when she discovered the echo-effect that the wood floors produced. We were in trouble after that. Regardless, we had a delicious meal and I only got a couple of dirty looks for feeding Bea a fried green tomato.At the end his visit, Beatrice Kate had really figured out how to exploit her cuteness to maximize all the benefits of this "Grandpa" guy:
"Look into my eyes and do my bidding"

No, you make it work, Grandpa

See, I told you that you could do it

Now, read my the lunch selections, minion

Just kidding, feed my my milk. Now.

Help me become more cultured. Take me to the artwork, please.

If only she knew how much of a puddle her great-grandfather would have been for her. I'm pretty sure that she would have been given the moon had she been able to ask for it from him...

Workin' those two teeth to death
A lot of finger-food-eatin': After talking to a friend about what her baby is eating these days, it became quite clear that Beatrice Kate was behind in the game. So, I hurriedly went to Harris Teeter in search of good first finger foods she could eat with her two teeth and came back with a disappointed can of organic green beans. Since then, we've also tried: cherries, banana bit, kiwi, peach slices, Puffs and asparagus. As it turns out, Bea doesn't like sweet things and actually prefers the green bean bits to sweeter things like fruit. I'm starting to think my child is possibly part alien because, any fruit of my womb should certianly be born with a genetic predisposition to sweets.

She is a weirdo; but I'm also quite happy that she has a healthy appetite for healthy foods. She's gotten very good a shoving several bits of bean and Puff into her mouth at one time.
Shoveling it in

It's actually a little concerning when she doesn't even look for pieces anymore.She just waves her hand over the highchair tray like Stevie Wonder, magically magnetizing the bits of food to her sticky little paws:
Come to me, food ...
Then she pops her entire hand into her mouth and whatever drops, she eats. Whatever drops on the floor, Cooper eats. They've started a new kind of friendship in the last few days:
Notice the lurker in the background ...
We've also been working on using a sippy cup:
Proving to be harder than it looks ...

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