Monday, January 31, 2011

Want to be a Fit Mom? This week's prize can get you started ...

I've mentioned a time or two about how much I love "Mommy and Me" fitness classes. It's a great way to get in a good workout, spend some quality time with Tiny and meet other like-minded ladies who understand the value of vomit-free clothing. Plus it gives me a good excuse to wear sweatpants in public and not feel guilty.

This week, we're raffling off a free week of Stroller Strides classes from Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh to a lucky Bea Team supporter. Aside from being a good way to lose baby weight (which, yes I know, I'm still working on, thankyouverymuch) it's just plan ol' fun. I've never been to a fitness class where I didn't count down the milliseconds until it was over; except for Stroller Strides.

Sure, to the outside world, you may appear to have lost your mind as you sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with an elastic band tied to your ankles. And yes, you may find yourself using words like "Arm Pitties", "Tosies" and "Chiny, Chin, Chins" as you run back and forth to your stroller-strapped child. But one cackle or heart-melting grin from your baby is all it takes to let you know that it's all worth while. Of course, having a firmer butt and being able to run more than 25 feet again aren't bad side effects either!

Don't let the silliness fool you though- this is a serious workout in disguise. Some of my new mom friends and I went for the first time last fall thinking it would be an easy way to get back into working out. I think it took me a full two days to recover from it. 

The owner of MidTown's Stroller Strides, Missy Currin, is possibly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. No, seriously. She has a way of making you feel right at home in the Stroller Stridin' group, whether it's your first or your twentieth visit. It's also not just Missy. All the moms are like that. They welcome you, with their toned arms, into the fold from the very first warm-up.

This is group of ladies that I went out with last week and remember what a great time that was? Yep. It can all be yours too!

For a simple $25 donation you'll not only be entered for a chance to win a full week of classes from Stroller Strides, you'll also be helping to bring comfort and hope to families like ours when their newborn is in critical care. Plus, you'll be helping to fund March of Dimes continue their efforts to help moms have full-term pregnancies.

If you decide to join The Bea Team (which we hope you will!) you'll also get a really cool team t-shirt when you join us on April 30 for the 3 mile walk (hey, it's in the spirit of fitness and charity!). 

It's a win-win. So get to click-clicking and donate now by clicking the widget at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

P.S.: In the coming weeks, we'll be raffling off some really great mom-friendly prizes. These include: A gift card to buybuyBaby, an hour long full-body massage, a gift from Smart Momma of Raleigh, a HUGE gift from gDiapers and possibly the best gift of all- a free photo shoot and pictures from Laura Simson. She's the photographer who has taken all of Beatrice Kate's amazing photos (and a link to her page is on the side of this blog). So, the earlier you donate, the more chances you'll have at winning something awesome. I'm just sayin'.

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