Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a Triangle Local? This week's giveaway is perfect for you! ...

Were you considering making a donation to support The Bea Team at the 2011 March of Dimes? Are you worried that all the great giveaways and prizes are only for those who live in the Triangle area? Worry no more!

This week's giveaway is perfect for you (and for those who happen to live here too!). CSN, an online retailer, has generously offered at $45 gift certificate to their site. Yep, seriously!

What could $45 get you? Well, honestly, a pretty wide variety of things. Things ranging from a baby and kids items to a new TV stand. If we had a television worth displaying, we might consider buying that. Anyway, you get the point. They have over 200 different divisions so I'm sure you could find something to buy with $45!

Interested? To be entered to win, click on the March for Babies widget at the top of our blog and donate at least $25 to our team. That's it! This week's giveaway will run until Saturday and if you've already made a donation, then you're already entered. Then I'll randomly select (I swear, it's random!) a winner from the pool of $25+ contributors.

Now, here's some fine print: Unfortunately, for our four readers in Slovenia, this giveaway is only open to US residents and the gift certificate can't be used on shipping. (The US Postal Service has got to get paid, ya'll)

So, get busy. Click onto our March for Babies page, support The Bea Team and you could win something special for your humble abode. While you're there donating, why not consider joining our team too?

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