Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday: Healthy is as healthy does ...

Back to another Monday and another meal plan.  We didn't actually end up using some of the meals from last week because we had a lot of leftovers; so as is the beauty of a meal plan... we're recycling these meals for this week! Because of all the great saving and coupon/sale shopping I did in the earlier weeks of the month, I only had to buy a few things at the grocery store (And there are rarely fresh fruit and veg coupons out there!). 

Of course, I still busted my $500 budget for groceries and household goods (Super Doubles gets me everytime!) but I did manage to keep myself in check and not spend too much over at Walgreens or CVS, despite their awesome deals the past two weeks. I was only over by about $50, which I think is really not bad considering it's the first month of our "envelope system" budgeting. Also, we're paying off a car next month (Hooray!) and have almost completley paid down all our credit card debt. Next up, school loans...

But that's another topic for another day. Here's what's on tap for the week:

Friday: Chili leftover from Thursday. It was really, really good and it made a lot.

Saturday: Casey made dinner this night and he hit it out of the park with Crispy Pecan Chicken. A F-Factor meal recycled from last week and it was worth the wait. Because the chicken breasts were pounded down before we coated and cooked them; it seemed like you were eating A LOT of food. Well, actually it was a lot of food. Enough so much that we were able to split the remaining chicken breast and have it over salad the next day for lunch!

Sunday: Noodle-less Vegetable Lasagna with mushrooms, bell pepper, fresh spinach, carrots, broccoli and tomato slices. Instead of using lasagna noodles, I substituted slices of eggplant and zucchini, layering it with sauce, ricotta cheese (fat free) and the other veggies like you would in a traditional lasagna. It turned out really good and was essentially carb-free. And because it was all veggie, you can have a larger portion for less calories! Plus, there's a lot leftover for today's lunches.

Monday: Spicy Beef Stir Fry with mushrooms, carrot slices, zucchini, bell pepper and broccoli. It's as easy as it sounds to make- just marinate your beef (any cut you want, we're using Stew Meat from last week's HT Deals) in soy sauce, hot chili oil, Asian stir-fry oil, zest and juice from one lime and a little rice wine vinegar.

Tuesday: Something in the crock-pot, probably Crock-pot Pork and Apple Chutney. Instead of chops, I'm using a giant pork butt I bought a few weeks ago at HT.

Wednesday: Spiral Sliced Ham and vegetable soup. Soup recipe is F-Factor but is really low in fat and fills you up!

Thursday: Turkey Burgers (BOGO Free ground turkey from last week!) and roasted asparagus on the side.

As usual, you can find other meal plans and recipes at Org Junkie. What's on your menu this week? I'm always looking for better other ideas.

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  1. i made a really good (and easy) soup.

    canned diced tomatoes
    chicken broth
    cannelini beans