Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lace up those tiny sneakers. It's time to March for Babies (and win some prizes) ...

Never before have Casey and I been so excited and more determined to successfully support a charity campaign like we are for the 2011 March for Babies. There's no question that without March of Dimes, Beatrice Kate wouldn't have had nearly the fighting chance she did. March for Dimes funded-research was absolutely critical to her survival during her first few days of life. It's that simple. Without March of Dimes; Beatrice Kate may not be the baby she is today. She may not be here at all.

That's why we feel so strongly about giving back to this organization. We owe them much more than we could ever raise through fund-raising; but we're going to try anyway! And, the best part is, you can help us!

How? Join or contribute to our team!

For the 2011 March for Babies, we have set a very lofty goal for our family's team, aptly named The Bea Team, of $1,000. Additionally, we would love to have one of the largest family teams present on April, 30.  We're even working on getting matching t-shirts for everyone... and who doesn't love a free shirt?

Now, I know most of you would donate to our team simply out of the kindness of your hearts. But, let's be honest- getting a little something in return wouldn't be so bad, right? Yea, I didn't think so. To repay you in a small amount, I've been working with incredibly generous local (and not so local) vendors to secure some pretty neat giveaways. Seriously, they're really. really. good.

Some of these incredible business include: CNS Smart Momma, Stroller Strides of Midtown Raleigh, BuyBuy Baby, Golf Galaxy, Great Blue Heron Massage, Rockin' Green and Jimmy John's. We're still working on a few others- so there are plenty of things to win! The earlier you donate, the more chances you'll have at winning a great prize!

Starting tomorrow, and over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be handing out these prizes to various team members and contributors. Keep checking back each day to see when a new giveaway is posted and how you can win. Some will be for the newest team members that day, some will be a raffle for various donation amounts, some will be randomly selected contributors! You just never know!

So, good luck and I hope that you can join us as we continue to fight for preemies like Beatrice Kate!

Here are some answers to questions you may have:
  • When is the 2011 March for Babies? This year's March for Babies walk will be held on April 30, starting at 10 a.m.
  • Where is it? Well, there are walks all over the US, but The Bea Team will be walking in the Durham, NC version. The address for the walk is: 4309 Emperor Boulevard Durham, NC 27703
  • How long is the walk? It is approximately 3.1 miles. 
  • How do I join The Bea Team? Click here! Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and click "Join this team"
  • How can I donate to The Bea Team? Click here and in the top right corner of the page you'll see a blue section that says, "Sponsor this team" or you can click on, "Donate to this team".
  • How do I win that first prize?  Check back tomorrow to find out...

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