Sunday, January 23, 2011

Growing Pains ...

Somehow in the past two weeks, my sweet, tiny infant daughter has developed into her own person; well on her way to toddler-hood. It's happening so fast, and I want it to stop. Rightthissecondplease.

I know I've said it before, but she honestly changes overnight; sometimes within a day. She is so wicked smahrt sometimes it's scary. She is most certianly a child of both Casey and I.

For example- I'll demonstrate how to do something (like banging two blocks together) while she watches. Then I'll hand over the blocks to her and instantly, she's able to replicate the movement. Now, for all you non-preemie or parental types- this may not seem like a lot to write home about. But you need to understand- from the get go, we've been told all along to expect developmental disabilities as a consequence of Bea's prematurity. To see her mastering tasks after one demonstration is amazing for me! She's also a very, very good mimic. She will frequently repeat back verbal patterns from short sentences we say to her. "I love you" is usually returned with, "Ooo ooo ooo". "Baby Bea" is "Baba ba". It's exciting!

She's also developing her individuality too. I will fess up and take full responsibility for creating this little monster. You see, as a young child, I had well, a reputation for being a brat set in my ways. There may have been a scuffle at my three year old dance recital, involving a shove off the stage and I may have been known to throw a tantrum every once in a while. Luckily, Beatrice Kate is starting to develop her own fiesty spirit. Not that she hasn't displayed such a fervent passion for from Minute One; but it's starting to be more frequently vocalized.

Here is a quick list of things Beatrice Kate finds displeasing: Blueberries, having toys taken away, having her diaper changed without her consent, eating more than 2 bites of food consecutively, sitting her her high chair for longer than 3 seconds, wearing clothes (including most of all- pants), having a hat on, laying in her crib, the trumpet, not being allowed to chew Daddy's musical instruments, not being allowed to chew books, not being allowed to eat/shred/rip newsprint, not being allowed to chew/pull/tug/pinch Arnold's ears and fur, being cold, being hot, being hungry, being wet for longer than 2 seconds... you get my point.

She knows what she likes and more importantly, what she doesn't like. She is also becoming more and more vocal each day which makes for a fun guessing game Casey and I like to call, "What does that mean?".

Regardless, I'm not sure where she learned to throw such a fit- I'll need to nip that in the bud before she reaches her teenage years for sure.

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