Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diaper funk got you down? Giveaway #1 is your saving grace ...

When we first started washing our own cloth diapers, I'll admit it- I was worried about the stink that was quickly replacing the nursery's sweet baby scent. I initially used another kind of soap, one that came highly recommended, but it just didn't seem to get out the... well, stinky, stink stank of Bea's cloth diaper bag. I was starting to think that my tiny baby girl was actually a 40-year old sweaty man who lives in his mom's basement in disguise.

And so began the search to find a solution. I started hearing about Rockin' Green from other cloth diapering mamas and shops. Ok, I thought, I'll give it a try. Try it I did and I haven't gone back since.

Rockin' Green is a cloth diaper detergent like no other. Aside from being 100% phosphate free and packed in recyclable material; it gets out the stale smell of two-day-old diapers and replaces it with  pleasantly, cheerful, freshly laundered bliss. It's also unmatched for getting rid of "other detergent" build-up. It even comes in 100% natural scents! Who doesn't want their baby's behind to smell like oranges?

Their companion product, Funk Rock, is the best product I've found to help strip diapers of their ammonia smell. It says you can even use it for pet accidents or peeing toddlers as well (though, we haven't gotten to that stage yet).

But the best part is- it's cheap! Working out to around 13 cents a load, it's perfect for those of us to are budget-conscious (and really, who isn't?).

So- if your Tiny's behind is cloth swaddled and you'd like to become a member of the coolest March for Babies team in the Triangle region- then today is your day!

A sample of Rockin' Green and Funk Rock goes to the first person to sign-up and join The Bea Team.

Are you a vendor who would like to sponsor a giveaway for our March for Babies team? Contact me for more information. We would love to feature your company's generosity! 

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