Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10 months is two months less than a year ...

My sweet, chunky, chubba-wubba, snuggly baby:

How is it possible that ten months have passed since you were born? How is it possible that you've changed and grown so much since last month? Every parent says it; but now I know it's true- time passes so quickly when you have a baby; and you literally are growing up in front of my eyes.

Ten months ago, you looked like this:

Now, you're looking a little more pleasantly plump:

In just ten, short months, you've gone from a baby that can fit in your daddy's palm to a baby who we have to heft up on our hips! Luckily, we take a lot of pictures, so we can always remember how far you've come!

I can see noticeable changes in your appearance and development practically overnight.You're tiny baby fuzz is turning into long (well, sort-of) thin strands of hair. Your face is starting to get a little longer; making it appear that you're losing some of your precious baby chunk. Your feet and toes (which have always been long) are sizing out of the newborn and 3 month shoes people have given you.

Here are some other things about you:
  • You are around 17 pounds now. 17! You started at 2!! Unfortunately, you're a little short (but we expected as much- Daddy and I aren't tall people), measuring around 25 or so inches.
  • You usually sleep through the night, going to bed around 7:30 or 8 each night, and waking at 7 in the morning. Sometimes though- you'll wake up between 2-4 for a midnight snack and cuddle with Daddy and me. I secretly love those times because it's extra snuggling time and we usually let you stay in bed with us afterward!
  • You are doing so well with adjusting to eating solid food. We've gone through all the major veggies and are now on to conquering meats. You are kind of a weird baby (which is not surprising, considering who your parents are). Instead of preferring to eat fruits like blueberries, peaches and mangoes, you would rather munch on red bell pepper strips, celery and rutabaga. You've even started eating whole pieces of veggies and have been doing great feeding yourself!
  •  Speaking of eating, you still love to nurse and I am so happy that you do. Nursing has always made me feel closer to you. It's a bond that only you and I can share.
  • You've not quite mastered the task of the sippy cup yet. We've tried several kinds; but your tiny baby T-Rex arms make it hard to raise the cup up high enough to spill liquid forward for you. When Daddy or I hold it up for you though- you're a champion sippier.
  • You can say two things now: Daaaa-deeee, Dadadada or Bumb, bumb, bumble. My feelings are only marginally hurt that you didn't say Mommy first. Luckily, I know that you have no idea what you're actually saying- but don't tell Daddy that. He thinks it's just for him. 
  • Your mimicking skills are quite good. You can imitate a lot of sounds; which is how we found out you can say 'bumble'. You like to play a call and answer game with me where we take turns making high pitched shrieking noises. It hurts Daddy's ears.
  • You L.O.V.E bath time. We bought a new tub for you this weekend that makes our bathtub smaller- just your size. You love to splash around like a crazy woman and have water poured over your feet. 
  • You've learned (after just two times of Mommy showing you how) how to bang two things together to make a noise. You think this is funny.
  • You still can only be comforted and put to bed by me. And I lurve it. I try not to be too smug about it to Daddy.
  • You absolutely your father's child and very well become an engineer just like him someday. You love to figure out how things work. You study things, learning all aspects of something, then formulate a plan and finally act on it. It's so amazing to watch!
Beatrice Kate- I am so proud of all you've accomplished in just ten short months. I am even more proud to be your mommy. Happy 10 month birthday Tiny!


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