Sunday, December 12, 2010

Letter to my daugther on her 9 month birthday ...

To my little Sweet Pumpkin Baby Bear:

Today you turned 9 months old. Nine months. It's so hard for Mommy to believe that you are this old. In only three short months, you'll be one. I can't believe it. Everyday you are growing and changing. It blows my mind how fast you're growing up.

You are so big now. And, so long; nearly 10 inches longer than you were when you were born (I still think that first initial measurement included the tippy tips of your little toes, because you didn't seem like 14 inches!). You weigh over 16 pounds. That's 8 times what you weighed at birth!! For the first time in your life, your growth can be plotted on the standardized charts at the doctor's office. You're in the 10% for weight, 7% for height and 30% for head circumference (sorry Sweet Girl, you're your father's child and you inherited that giant noodle from him). Adjusted, you're right on track for a term 6 month-old in the 50% range.

In fact, your growth is so amazing, one doctor this week at UNC said that you were, "A little on the chubby side". You! Chubby! I nearly fell into the floor in a fit of laughter. Together, you and I and Daddy, have worked hard to get you "a little on the chubby side". I was so, so proud to hear those words. Overnight it seems like you're no longer the teeny, tiny baby that I used to know. I have to squint very hard to remember what it was like when you could fit in your Daddy's palm.

Your hair is really starting to grow like crazy too, now that you've been eating more solid foods. It's no longer the strawberry blond of your younger days; but instead, a dark blond, moving to brown (I think). Before long, you'll be able to wear those fun little hair clips and pig tails!

Your little body isn't the only thing that's getting big and strong. Your brain is developing at a shocking pace as well! Every day your dexterity improves. In the past week, you've learned that you could pick up chocolate chips with your fingers (which you weren't happy about me taking away) and you're able to un-velcro your diaper covers too! Your reaching and grabbing abilities are very impressive; and equally, very troubling. In a matter of seconds you can go from having nothing, to chewing on an electrical cord. I'm glad that I keep a close eye on you now- because when you're able to move around... it's going to be interesting!

You like to sit back and observe how things work. I love to watch you take in a scene because I can see the wheels turning inside your head. You are so much like Daddy in this way. You both are puzzle solvers, I can tell. You like to play by yourself with toys and figure out how things work. You could sit for an hour and play with the buckles on Daddy's overalls or the zippers on his coats. You also love, love, love books. I've never met a baby who could sit and "read" (or chew) on books like you can. It's so much fun to watch you learn. 

The UNC doctors were also so impressed with your learning and development that you didn't have to see any specialists during our visit last week. You're right on track with a term 9 month old! That's three months ahead of schedule. You're clearly our child- already an overachieving, type-A personality.

Beatrice Kate, it's hard to believe that you are the same baby that I saw nine months ago, fighting for your life and learning to breathe.At the same time though, you are clearly the same baby- because I see that same feisty, fiery spirit in everything you do now.

You have taught Daddy and I so much over the last nine months. A lot about being parents (because, you know, we've never done this before), a lot about having faith that things will work out, a lot about our own strength, a lot about each others strength.

Most importantly, Beatrice Kate, you've shown us that our family is so strong, just like you. I am so lucky to be your Mommy.

Happy Nine Months!!!

I love you Snuggle Bug,

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  1. Happy 9 months, Beatrice Kate! I can tell your mommy and daddy are so proud of you!

    Amy, C and O