Monday, November 29, 2010

'Tis the season for Christmas Cards ...

I absolutley love, love, love to give and receive Christmas cards. Each year, I run out to the mailbox everyday in the week or two before Christmas in hopes of finding new cards sent to our family. Then, I race back inside, tear open the packaging (seriously, it's like a squirrel opens our mail) and read the contents. Then, I ceremoniously display each beloved card by taping it to the door frame between our kitchen and living room.  At the end of every holiday season, I carefully remove the tape and place the cards in a Ziploc bag, where they wait until the next year where they're graduated from the doorway to a special spot on our Christmas tree.Check back later tonight for pictures and more about this year's tree. I really enjoy looking back through the cards we've received over the years as we put up our tree. This year was no different!

I especially love photo cards. For the past few years, Casey and I have sent out photo cards to all our family and friends. This year, we were very much looking forward to the requiste "cute baby" holiday cards that were sure to come once our new addition arrived.

Of course, then the whole prematurity thing happened and then we went from a two-salary family to only one source of income and well... we weren't expecting to send out fancy-schmancy cards this year. Imagine my disappointment when I thought there would be no tiny-baby-big-package images to send around!

And then, I stumbled across this little gem on another mommy blogger's site. Shutterfly is offering a fab new promotion for bloggers to the tune of 50 (yep, as in fifty) free Christmas/Holiday/Festivus cards of your choosing! How great is that? This weekend, we're having a photo shoot of Beatrice Kate (and I guess of Casey and I, too) near our giant tree and in her Christmas dress.

Shutterfly is more than just standard "Baby Santa" cards. We've used them for everything from Beatrice Kate's birth announcements, greeting cards (I actually received one of these for Mother's Day without realizing it and couldn't figure out where the giver found a card with a baby that looked so much like mine on the front. Yea, it was actually my child. Some mother I am.) and party invites (guess where your invite to Bea's 1st birthday is coming from?).They also have really nice quality photo gifts like puzzles, bags and calendars for 2011.

So anyway, if you're a fellow blogger, head over here to find out how you could get free holiday cards too!

Also, if you're interested in receiving a holiday card from "The Raleigh Collins"... leave a comment with your name and mailing address or you can send us an email. As excited as I get about "real" mail... I get equally excited to receive comments and messages (obviously, I have a need to feel loved).

Anyway, this weekend's pictures are about the only time this year Beatrice Kate will get to wear her Christmas dress and gold shoes; seeing as we can't leave the house to take her to church or around large gatherings- so if you want to see her in all her super cuteness... let us know!

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