Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday ...

This year because of our quarantine, we weren't able to travel back west to see our families for Thanksgiving. As such, it was just Casey, my sister Courtney, Beatrice Kate and I for Thanksgiving dinner.

The weekend was great from start to finish. Wednesday we finally received approval from our insurance company for Beatrice Kate's Synagis injection. This will help protect her from coming down with severe RSV this winter (hopefully) and lessen her chances of a return to the hospital. I think it's important to note that when Beatrice Kate recieved the shot, it was not a toy or silly faces that lessened her reaction to the injection. No, it was the sight of her beloved Blue Hat, Green Hat  book that instantly made her forget all about receiving the shot and put a smile on her face. That child is certianly made of our DNA!

In Thanksgivings past, we have traditionally ran a 5k before we gorged ourselves on the turkey buffet. However, we were completely slack this year and neglected to register for a race in time. So to compensate for the amount of carbohydrates and pumpkin pie we would enjoy later that evening; we got up and took a hike through Umstead State Park. It was pleasantly chilly and didn't start raining until we were well on our way home. It was meant to be!

Then, we got down to business with the cooking. On the menu we had: roasted turkey and the resulting gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato "souffle" (sweet potatoes in orange cups), macaroni and cheese, green beans with shallots, yeast rolls, sausage and herb stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and Moravian sugar cake. Yes, we made it all (for three people) and yes, I was exhausted after all that cooking and cleaning. Also, this was the first turkey I have ever made. Here's a photo of it receiving its butter massage:
A little to the left please, Miss
And here is the finished product:
Simplicity at it's best 
Here's a photo of the entire table-scape (as Aunt Angie would say... we warmed it up a bit with some candles and had Christmas carols playing to "fill in the spaces").
Finally getting a chance to use our expensive wedding china
 Anyway, after we all three stuffed ourselves, we cleaned up, watched about 15 minutes of Love Actually, and called it a night.

Friday, Casey and I were up early and decided to do a little Black Friday shopping. We were awake anyway because our experiment of trying to break Beatrice Kate's swaddling habit was an epic failure and she was awake for most of the night. So, by 6 a.m. we were in Macy's picking up a few remaining gifts. We've never been in Raleigh for the holidays so we weren't quite sure what to expect of the crowds. After going to Macy's, Sears, Wal-mart, Target and Lowe's we were back home by 8:30- so I guess we can say that shopping in Raleigh was a breeze. We were in and out of Walmart in 15 minutes! That's just unheard of for Black Friday, right?

Later that day we went to pick out a Christmas tree. I'm not allowed to say much because Casey wants to be the one who unveils the photos and statistics for this year's monster. Let's just say... it took over 65 ft of ribbon to wrap around it for decoration. That's a lot.

Saturday and Sunday, Casey's mother Betsy was in town and showed me how to make homemade greenery wreaths. They turned out really great. I'll post some pictures later this week once Casey makes the tree presentation and we get all our Christmas decorations out.

She (Grandma Betsy) also volunteered to babysit for us on Sunday morning so Casey and I could have a date... to church. We haven't been able to go to church together since our quarantine started in early October. It was so great to sit next to my husband for the first Sunday in Advent. Afterward, we treated ourselves to lunch at the Whole Foods buffet and then a little dessert at the happiest place on earth a really delicious ice cream spot called Rita's. It was the most fun we've had together in several months and the first time we've been on a date since July.

We certianly had/have a lot to be thankful for this year and we hope that everyone else had as great of a holiday as we had!

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