Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pipe up for Preemies (and a not-so-Wordless Wednesday) ...

Beatrice Kate, in all her 993g glory, born March 12 (11 weeks premature)
It's here! National Prematurity Awareness Day is today, November 17. Today is the day that we, The Raleigh Collins (all three of us) join hundreds of other bloggers in the fight for preemies. As parents of a former micro-preemie and miracle, this day gives us good reason to speak out for a cause near and dear to our hearts- babies born too soon.

Throughout the month of November, we have been blogging about our journey through the NICU. We hope that our story and perspectives can help give other families facing a similar adventure a sense of community and hope. Yes, having a premature baby is life-changing; but isn't simply having any baby life-changing? Our experiences in the NICU were filled with highs and lows. From the outside looking in, life in the NICU seems like the Doldrums. But in reality, it's a place where miracles and modern science intersect. A place where complete strangers become friends and nurses and doctors become part of your family as they diligently work to make your child stronger, healthier, ready to come for you.

To other NICU parents, we want you to know that you are not alone. Catch up on our story:

Why was Beatrice Kate premature? Read about our preeclampsia diagnosis here and here.
How long were we at UNC Women's Hospital before she was born? Find out here and here.
What was the delivery like? Read about it here and here.
What about meeting Beatrice Kate for the first time? You'll find that here and here.
What's with all the hospital terms? Find a vocabulary list here.
Prematurity is a growing trend among births in the U.S. and that's why supporting organizations like March of Dimes is so important. Through their research, education and advocacy someday- prematurity will be soooooo last season.

One last thing...who ever said that premature babies born small, stay small clearly hasn't seen our "small" miracle recently:
Yea, there's nothing skinny about those cheeks


  1. Thank you so much for joining us today, in our fight for preemies everywhere! Telling your story helps to get the word out and raise awareness. We unite and fight - so babies shouldn't have to.
    BTW- Beatrice Kate's cheeks are luscious!

  2. Beatrice Kate is adorable. Love seeing pics of our preemies when they get "fat" Deb Mckaig RN Rex SCN

  3. Thank you for sharing your on-going story of your little miracle baby. It's true that the NICU family becomes part of your family. It's true that you become an expert at NICU-speak. I know, because we spent five months on the NICU with our 24-week twins. I am sharing the journal I kept during our NICU stay at Mike&Ollie: 24-weekers Who Beat the Odds. Though it seems like just yesterday, our tiny babies are now happy, healthy 19 year olds. I wish you and little Beatrice Kate luck and love on your journey.