Monday, October 18, 2010

Update to the "Things I Love"

Last month, I wrote a little about 9 things I love. Like all lists of mine, it's continued to grow and evolve since then so... here's a short update.

1: Mommy and Baby Fitness: It's pretty mind-boggling for me to say the words "Love" and "Fitness" in the same sentence. But, it's true. I love baby fitness classes. It's so much fun to work out with Beatrice Kate. It's a fun way to keep her entertained and stimulated, while also (attempting) to not look like a whale lose this baby weight. What have we been up to lately? Well, for starters, Bea and I (mostly I) have been restarting the Couch to 5K program. I've been a little hesitant to talk about it on our blog because, well like other things we've done, once you write about it on the internet... it's out there and people start harassing you when you quit. I don't like harassment! However, for the past two weeks, I've been keeping with the program, taking my little running partner and our podcasts out to local lakes for a brief jog. Granted, I am repeating "Week 2" this week again because I fail miserably at running and need a little remediation when it comes to fitness.

Last week, we also tried out a class that I've been meaning to get around to since Bea was born- Stroller Strides. This summer, I would walk most mornings each weekday with a group of other new mom friends from my Bradley Birthing Method Class. So, when I heard about a "structured" power walking strolling class; I was excited to try it out. As it turns out... it's much more than a leisurely stroll. It's an intense work out; and I'm not just saying that because I'm out of shape this was the first actual workout I've had since giving birth. Everyone else in the class (including those who are much, much more fit than I am) were sweating up a storm. A Stroller Strides class basically consists of: power walking to various spots in an area (maybe 3/4 mile total, probably more I'm a horrible judge of distance) where you then do different strengthening exercises like dips, calf raises, resistance band exercises, wall squats!?!, lots of lunges and other really hard awesome stuff. It sounds horrible, but it was a lot of fun. Bea was a champion and slept the entire time, wrapped up all warm and cozy like a little Eskimo in her Bob (she loves this thing) so she didn't get to enjoy Mommy acting like a fool, singing children's songs through labored breathing. Afterward, they usually have playgroups for the kids and even make crafts and things for the older ones. Of course, we can't participate in that right now- but we'll enjoy it in the future!I really, really liked this class, even with the two day soreness that followed, and we'll be going back for more classes for sure.

Our other favorite new fitness obsession is Aquamoms and Babies. I took the prenatal version of this class last winter (which I didn't get to finish because you know, that whole preterm labor thing happened) and LOVED IT. It was a great way to reduce my swelling and get a low impact work out while pregnant. Now, as a new mom, Beatrice Kate and I enjoy the postnatal version. Luckily, it takes place in the heated therapy pool, so Bea stays nice and warm throughout the ordeal- which, if it didn't, we wouldn't be going. Girlfriend haaaaattteees being cold. Anyway, it's a really fun class that introduces the babies to water, which Bea loves because she can kick around and wiggle. This past weekend, we practiced going under the water (the babies, that is). At first, Beatrice Kate was like, "Hold on Lady, what do you think you're doing?!?". By the second time, she was an old pro. We go each Saturday morning and it wears. her. out. afterward. Like, needs a 4 hour nap afterward kind of wearing out. It's awesome.

So, if you know a new mom, or if you want to buy me a present... a gift certificate to either Stroller Strides or Healthy Moms is a great idea :)

2: Trader Joes: I'm sure you're thinking... "Trader Joes? Seriously? Where have you been for the past 4 years?". The answer is simple. I resisted going to Trader Joes because for a long time, because we were dedicated to Whole Foods and I didn't like dealing with the traffic that exists around Trader Joes. Then, of course, we became a one-income family and we had to get realistic about what we were spending on groceries. Luckily, we found Trader Joes. They carry a lot of organic and all natural foods and most of the time, their produce is a lot cheaper than Harris Teeter. I mean, you can get bagged spinach for $1.99. That's awesome if your family is like ours and goes through a lot of spinach each week. Their eggs are always $0.99 and their milk is $2.99! I love saving money and now, I love Trader Joes!

3: Southern Savers: Last week, Casey's cousin Ann send me a link to a web site called Southern Savers. If you don't know about it; get in the know. It's basically this lady's blog where she compiles all the weekly grocery store deals, matches them with coupons found in your newspaper each week and tells you where to find the best deals on things. I LOVE this web site. I'm addicted to it. About 5 times a day, she'll post up a tip on where you can get something for free or for pennies. For example- each Friday, she lists sites you can visit to get free samples. Saturday, she found a coupon code to get diapers for $0.99 from (we didn't get the deal in time!) We got 40 Christmas cards for free from Snapfish and two photobooks from Shutterfly for $2!! If you follow her on Facebook, you can get quick access to her latest finds. She even includes tips on how to shop with coupons and what she considers "good prices" for everyday things like toothpaste, milk, etc.  If you're new to couponing, I highly recommend you visit this web site.

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