Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Indoctrination

You will like this, or you'll be kicked out of this family.
Now that fall is here and Beatrice Kate is a little sturdier, we thought it the perfect time to introduce our daughter to one of the most important facets of growing up in the Collins family:  fandom. And in this family, we only honor one school with our passionate support: the North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical School, State College, the Red and the White, the true university of the people, North Carolina State University. We realize, of course, that someday our daughter may rebel and seek an art degree at Carolina to pursue her higher education at another institution - but that day is not today. Or even tomorrow. And so it begins...

Our story begins with a fantastic October day when the weather could not have been more pefect - thus allowing a great opportunity to tailgate in style. Well, Beatrice Kate and Mommy had their Wolfpack gear on, and Daddy had to settle for his best white shirt and red hat.  But nonetheless, we had all the ingredients of a great day: two tickets to watch State play Boston College (ticket not needed for Tinys), a tailgate-able vehicle, a well-rested daughter and a parking spot at the Vet School.
Baby Crap? Check.

And that, folks, is how you tailgate with a baby. Bumbo seat: check. Blanket: check. Boppy lounger: check. (Which, by the way, we're convinced that if we hadn't locked it away in the car, we would have found some drunk kid passed out in it.) Tiny cheerleading outfit from Mrs. Thorne at church? check. Sun hat, sunglasses, Mommy and cooler full of milk, we had it all in place. As we've learned from previous outings, preparation is key, and Mommy prepares it just right. Now if we only had teeth for that delicious Bojangles chicken.  (On a side note, apparently everyone State alum from the early 2000's goes to this Bojangles. It's as if there is a transfer program from this Bojangles on Western Blvd. that everyone went to in college).

Looks. So. Yummy. Must. Eat. Chicken.
Once on site we proceeded to enjoy our food and beverage and Bea had a snack herself. At this point, we were expecting an hour or so of relaxing but were continuously interrupted by compliments of our cherub-cheeked daughter. We don't say this out of pride, but just to note that if if a child is cute enough to make college students (beers in hand) stop in front of our car just to comment how fantastic her outfit was and to give her the Wolfpack sign of encouragement, then she is cute. Apparently, we've done something right with this child!

Tired from all her compliementing, Bea caught a quick nap and we were off for our walk to the stadium. One of us caught a ride from a large man- see if you can tell who from the following photo:
Where's Waldo the baby?

Once inside the friendly confines of Carter-Finley, we found our seats; nervously awaiting Beatrice Kate's response to all of the hoopla surrouding a college football game kick-off. To our pleasant surpise, our daugther made no fuss at all about the marching band, chants, wolf howls, cannons or cheering throngs in red and white. We credit her time in the NICU for noise tolerance.
If you squint and turn your head to the side, they're spelling "State"

No liquor bottles allowed, Miss
Bea had a great time in the stadium, watching the game, yelling, flirting with other fans, talking to old folks, drooling, eating, sleeping, etc. So really, Beatrice Kate would have fit in well with the Student Sections. We won't say much about the game expect to point out that it was a Wolfpack-applied stompin' in the first degree.

While we didn't see Mr. or Mrs. Wuf, and thus missed out on a primo photo op of her and Bea in their cheerleading uniforms, we had a great day out with our beautiful daugther. It may be a year until we get this opportunity again, but we left with the confidence that this is something we can do as a family and have a fun time doing it. If her one game record is to be extrapolated, Beatrice Kate may just be the lucky charm that NC State needs
Already more interested in sports than Mommy. Figures.

In the meantime, we're on the lookout for the re-introduced, real "Tuffy", but in a pinch, this guy will do just fine:

The Original Tuffy
We really couldn't be more thankful for the gift of our daugther and for the ability to share this gift with our daugther. For a whirlwind look at the day, check out this video.

There is a video above. If you cannot see it, click here.

*Check out our Picasa albums for all our photos from this weekend (and more!). We'll be uploading them throughout the week (Link is on the right side of the blog- click on any of the small photo thumbnails to be linked to the albums.)


  1. How did you manage to go to the game with the whole quarantine thing?

  2. We had very, very upper level seats and it was outside. We're restricted to no indoor events and once it gets more into flu season-- no more public outdoor events either