Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

It sounds so cliche to say that we can literally see Beatrice Kate growing up in front of our eyes... but it's the truth. I will never forget this lady in the NICU, two days after Beatrice Kate was born, saying to me, "It may seem like forever now; but I promise, in 6 months all of this will seem like time flew by". Of course, at the time, in my post-pardum hormonal and emotionally fragile state- it just made me hysterical to think of the daunting weeks or months we faced as NICU parents. For us at the time, hours crept by, days stood still and weeks seemed like eternity. But now, looking back she was so right.The time did fly by.

Everyday, Casey and I look at each other and say, "I think she grew overnight" or "I think her hair grew more today". At some point in the last seven (yes, I can't believe it's been seven either) months, our tiny, two pound micro-preemie has over septupled (if that's even a word) her birth weight and become this amazing little human with impossibly chubby cheeks.

But, it's more than just how big she's gotten in size and weight. She's evolving and developing into her own independent person too. Just in the last week alone, Bea has learned to sit up on her own, reach out and select toys in front of her or look up at Mommy and Daddy all without toppling over. She does still occasionally tip over (that giant Collins head-to-body ratio is something she'll grow into) but for the most part, she sits up right and stays! If she's not sitting- she only wants to stand (assisted of course) and bounce around on your knees!

She rolls over every time now that she's placed on her tummy. This makes our doctor-prescribed "Tummy Time" quite a challenge; but I'm happy she's finally got the upper body strength to make it happen. She's also thisclose to being able to roll over from back to tummy- I expect it to happen any day now and when it does it will totally freak her out.

She's started babbling more and more in the last few days. She's been making little hooting noises for a while now, which is why we dubbed her the "owlet". However, since about Sunday or Monday, she begun adding in a few "M" sounds to her repertoire. In fact, just this morning- we swear it sounded like she said "I love you Mama". Now, I admit- that probably didn't happen but to hear to start to form kind-of words is really, really exciting.Whoever said babies say "D" and "B" words first clearly need to meet our little exception to the rules.

Bea is also getting to the point where she only wants to go to sleep by herself. Meaning, no more holding or rocking during the daytime hours. Now, the only time I get to snuggle my sleeping baby and cuddle her angelic swaddled self is at night, when we're laying her down for the evening. She only nurses to sleep during this daily final feeding and...

It's so bittersweet. Of course, like all parents, we want nothing more than for our girl to grow up healthy and strong. But still no matter how amazed we are at her development and progress... there is a big part of my heart that still misses this:
Doesn't even look like her!

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