Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have we mentioned it's RSV season?

I'm sure you're all already tired of hearing us preach about the dreaded three letter "word" in our house- RSV. Well, just to annoy inform you further... the March of Dimes Blog (titled: New Moms Need) just posted this entry about RSV Season and what it means for families with micro-preemies.

If you have a chance, please check it out. It will help give some perspective to what we're facing here at the Collins Homestead during the next 5 months of house arrest quarantine.

Again, just to remind everyone that if you're planning on a visit to la casa de Raleigh Collins you can expect us to:
  • Be hand-washing and hygeine Nazis until March, when RSV season winds down
  • Give you a spotlight interrogation on who you've been around and who you know that's been sick recently
  • Perform a "once-over" for possible signs of sickness or infection and clean clothes
  • Turn you away (cue sad violin music) if you don't meet our standards 
We really hate to keep harping on this- but it could mean the difference in Beatrice Kate spending the winter at home or spending it int he hospital with pneumonia.

Also, on a final note: We're still working out our holiday plans and will share our thoughts on the subject with all relevant family groups in a few weeks. We still ask that everyone is patient and understanding with the outcome of our "visiting schedule" for this year. Know that everyone, not just you, will probably not get the time they want/deserve with Beatrice Kate, unless you come to our house. However... it is just one year out of a lifetime of holidays for Bea. One year that happens to be the most critical winter season of her life!

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