Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bea-utiful Day for a Fun Run

Well, we did it. We finally made our triumphant semi-successful return to the world of 5Ks... sort of. This time, with one more not-so-little addition to our running group: Beatrice Kate. Saturday, we loaded up the car with our little Bea (literally, see photo above for evidence) in tow, packed up the jogging stroller with water, pacifiers, blankets (it was cold!) and breastmilk and hit the road toward Durham to participate in the Duke Employee Family Fun Run/Pumpkin Race.

Now, I'll admit that this wasn't an actual 5K. I think the "official" mileage was something like 2.9 miles but it's close enough and far further than I've run in a single outing since giving birth. What's more impressive is that we actually ran most of the distance. Beatrice Kate looked on, rather smugly, from the comfort of her warm, comfortable Bob Stroller- only acknowledging us when we offered her milk; otherwise, she was too busy sleeping and looking at stuff.

We'll 'fess up that the most pressing reason for participating in this event wasn't for the sake of our physical fitness. No, of course not. It was so that my husband and I could show off Beatrice Kate in her new Halloween costume (thanks to Mandrake and MiMi for providing a fitting outfit). She was a little too young to participate in the "Costume Parade" but we had fun watching it from afar nonetheless.

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