Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ain't no germs up in these here parts ...

Since our quarantine started on Friday and the weather this week was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E, we've been looking for creative ways to skirt the "no public places" rules and stave off cabin-fever for another week. One solution: outdoor adventures- a staple of the Collins Family.

First up- two trips around nearby lakes with our friends Abby and her mommy, Molly on Friday and the dogs and Casey on Saturday. Bea's been riding in style lately in her BOB Stroller- forward facing, even (Backwards baby-style is soooo yesterday):
They see me rollin', Pa-Patrollin'
She's Got. It. Made. in this thing. This stroller cost more than a payment on both our cars including insurance, but let me tell you... it's worth every penny. It's the Cadillac of strollers. Seriously. The seat reclines or sits up at her desired angle. It's got cup holders (which obviously, she doesn't utilize yet), a hand brake and knobby tires (you know, in case you just have to take your kid running off road?!?) and even shocks which are awesome when your kid finally falls asleep after not taking a nap for the entire day and is whining to the point of a potential DSS intervention... Anyway, it's huge and takes up a lot of room in my trunk but it's so worth it.

In other exciting news, Bea had her first hiking experience today. Typically anything under 5-6 miles doesn't usually qualify as a hike for our family, but as it was Beatrice Kate's first foray into the wilderness... we'll let it count this time.We took her to one of our all-time favorite places in North Carolina- Eno River State Park. We've taken the dogs here plenty of times for short day hikes, but today we tried out a new trail (Cox Mountain Trail) and discovered that there are primitive campsites!! We'll be using those in the future, for sure.

Now, you know us. Pre-Bea/NICU/traumatic pregnancy/etc., we couldn't be kept indoors during nice weather. From hiking, kayaking, walking the dogs; we were sunshine junkies. We've slowly been working ourselves back to the old "us" and this weekend help put us that much closer. We have always looked forward to the time that we could bring our baby on their first hiking trip; we've often asked ourselves "Just how little is too little for an overnight back country camping trip?" Of course, having a baby who was smaller than a hiking boot gave us an answer to that question fairly quickly and put a delay on things for a while but none the less- here we are, our first hike:
She'll grow to love it eventually, right?
We'll post pictures of the entire trip later this week on Picasa but for now, here's a great shot of Bea and her Daddy in their post-hike glow:

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