Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired ...

Top 5 reasons why being a sick baby sucks:
1) You can't ever seem to find the words to tell that Mommy lady exactly what's wrong, so you resort to random wails and cries
2) The Nose Suction Blub vs. tiny nostrils- need we say more?
3) Babies are obligate nose breathers. This means, when your nose gets stopped up, it impairs your ability to breathe which hinders your ability to sleep, play and even ...
4) Nursing with a stuffy nose is impossible. Have you ever tried gulping down a gallon of milk without air?
5) Rectal thermometer checks every diaper change...uh, personal space violation, I'm sure.

Top 5 reasons why having a sick baby (especially a preemie) sucks:
1) Said baby cries and moans all day and the guilt from hearing such wails and not being able to fix it reduces a mother to tears in 30 minutes flat.
2) The NOSE SUCTION BLUB and tiny nostrils... Baby's nostrils seem to actually get smaller when trying to use this device. Child Protective Services could be called when trying to hold down baby, pin down arms and try to simultaneously suction out the crud inside her tiny nose.
3) Babies are obligate nose breathers. This means, more frequent use of the suction bulb each time the mommy hears her baby struggle to breathe when taking a nap, which impairs baby's ability to sleep and drives the mother even closer to the edge of madness and concern over whether or not pneumonia could be setting in (99% of the time... it's not).
4) Nursing a baby with a stuffy nose is impossible. Being concerned that they can breathe, while ensuring they get adequate fluids to get better will drive a mother crazy. This leads to hourly pestering of the father by the mother of "do you think she got enough?", "does she look hungry?", "should I try to feed her again?", "what do you think?", etc. Doesn't bode well for martial happiness.
5) Rectal thermometer checks at every diaper change, whereby any (we mean any) slight increase sends mother into a panic that at any moment the baby could "spike a fever" and need hospitalization (this is where the "especially preemie" bit comes into consideration). Also, when baby's final temperature of the night reaches 100.1, the father is forced to step in and wrangle phone away from the mother while she frantically tries to call... the pediatrician, her mother, 911...ANYBODY who can provide advice!

Needless to say, we're VERY happy Beatrice Kate is feeling better today.

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