Monday, September 27, 2010

Over-sized weekend

This weekend was filled with three things-family, friends and faith, and by filled, we mean stuffed.

On Friday night, Casey's brother and his fiance, Evan and Leah drove down from Arlington, VA in anticipation of Beatrice Kate's baptism on Sunday. Saturday saw the arrival of Grandma Betsy, Mandrake and MiMi and later that night- Grammy Kate, Auntie Carson, Great Aunt Missy and Cousin Emily.

We'll get to the visits in a moment, but first, we need to backtrack to fully understand just how busy/tired/exhausted we were before everyone arrived. As I mentioned, my dear husband decided two weeks ago to renovate our kitchen. Then he promptly got sick leaving me to do some most of the work for a week (oh, while taking care of our demon sweet baby Bea and keeping up the house for showings and cooking...). Last weekend, Casey finished sanding the remaining cabinetry and we both worked until midnight every night last week to get things completed before everyone we knew came to our house this weekend. Luckily, by Saturday morning, we had the "visible" parts completed (just don't look too hard-- there's still work to be done) and hardware installed.

To make things extra awesome, Beatrice Kate picked last week to have three days of complete, incredible meltdowns during both the day and nights. Starting on Wednesday, she began a full 45 minute scream-fest, which started out of the blue for no apparent reason (trust me, I stripped her naked to inspect for visible signs of distress or a mysterious bug bite or something!?!). Then Thursday, from about 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., she would alternate screaming with 5-10 minute naps. This prompted several frantic phone calls to Dear Husband, with said screaming child in the background.

To quote my husband, "I was really worried that I would be coming home to a dog with a broken rib because you were so frustrated and needed to take it out on someone." It was that rough. On a really cute note... because of her lack of naps on Thursday, she fell asleep in her Bumbo chair (see video below for evidence):

There is a video above, if you cannot see it click here.

This cuteness wore off quickly when on Thursday night, she screamed from 2 a.m. until 4:30 a.m., until I finally caved and put her in bed with us (that sneaky rascal, she's already learned how to manipulate the system). Friday night, she woke up at 2 a.m.; but was able to go back to sleep with the assistance of her pacifier. Saturday night... she woke up at 4 a.m. only to stay up until after 5, at which point I needed to get up anyway to get things ready for her post-baptism brunch.

All this to say- we were tired.

Speaking of her baptism...
I've already mentioned that we were flooded with family (which was great!). From Friday to Monday, we we have been surrounded by relatives who just love our little baby. Sunday, we baptized Bea at our church, Raleigh Moravian. The entire collection of Bea supporters took up an amazing 7-8 pews at the church. We are so blessed to have that many people care and pray for our family and for Bea from before she was born, throughout our NICU stay and even today. It meant the world to us to have our friends and family witness this special event.
Who needs communion crackers, when you have this tasty hand to chew on?

Bea couldn't have been more perfect during the service. Despite only have a short 45 minute nap that morning, and being awake for nearly 2 hours just prior to her "debut"- she was all smiles. Throughout her baptism, she alternated staring at the minister and the cross (good girl!) and took in the view during her "baby parade". I'm pretty sure she melted the hearts of every single church goer that morning. I mean, check out her cheeks in that hat- you would be touched too:
Contain yourself: These cheeks are addictive

After the church service, we hosted a brunch for her entourage at our home afterward. Here's a picture of the spread (after Granny got her serving of course):
Sunday's finest
And desserts:
Yes, I did make the cakes
I think I held my baby for all of 40 minutes the entire day, not including nursing sessions, because she was passed around between each of her seven grandparents throughout the party. Of course, after the Satan-like qualities she displayed the previous week; Bea made Casey and I look like fools when she was a golden child all weekend long- even though she didn't take a nap the entirety of Sunday afternoon. Actually, she probably made other people want to have a baby just like her- she was that well-behaved and cute (teenagers shouldn't have been around her). She really knows how to ham it up.

When everyone left, Casey and I relaxed and got to take a nap.
Note: Matching guts
 We went to bed early last night and (thankfully) Beatrice Kate returned to her 11 hour slumbers.

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