Monday, September 6, 2010

Loaded Labor Day

After nearly 6 months of incredibly busy, house-chores filled weekend... we FINALLY had a relaxing, family-centric few days.


We spent the day just hanging out with our girl, starting with coffee (for us, not her) on the deck. It's starting to get a little chilly in the mornings, so Bea got a chance to sport the first hat Grandma Betsy ever made for her (she can fit into it now!). She's spent the past 3 nights in her crib, sleeping eleven hour stints again, so in general she's been in a very pleasant mood during daylight hours. That evening, we had dinner with our friends, the Melameds and their Triplameds. They also had friends visiting from Australia so it was nice to hear their accents. Casey tried Vegemite for the first time, and to the disgust of the other dinner party guests, didn't think it was totally gross.

We made it back to church after a brief three week hiatus due to family visits and visiting family. Beatrice Kate celebrated this event by sneaking in a surprise vomit under Casey's jacket lapel. Of course, we didn't notice until we were in church, seated next to a very nice lady who pointed it out to him. Bea is, unfortunately, starting to grow out of the "go to sleep during service" age but her immune system is still too weak to stay in the nursery. So, this week we (Bea and Ashley) spent a good portion of the message pacing in the narthex trying to convince her to take a short, quiet nap. We're very much looking forward to Beatrice Kate's baptism on September 26. The people at Raleigh Moravian were a large part of the prayer contingency that supported Beatrice Kate and us while she was in the hospital. There were many, many nights we would come home from a 15 hour day at Bea's bedside and there would be food, desserts or kind notes on our doorsteps.

That afternoon, we had a few friends over for a pre-Labor Day cookout. Dinners are really tricky for us now, seeing as Bea goes to bed each night at 7:30 and morphs into a tiny demon spawn from 6:30 on. Luckily, most of our friends are in the same situation, so a late lunch worked best for everyone! Bea had three of her friends among the guests and in case you're wondering what 6 month olds do when they hang out, here's a little glimpse:

It's quite a wild time.

We took Beatrice Kate to her first baseball game today to see the Durham Bulls play the Norfolk Tide. She's got a bit of growing to do before she'll fit into her new free hat.
It was their last regular season game, and Bea couldn't have done better! Of course, having a giant ceiling fan just above our section helped a lot with her attention span. Though we had really great seats (aisle seats in case of emergency meltdown), we took advantage of an empty party deck at the top of the section and enjoyed our ballpark snacks at our very own picnic table. By "enjoy our snacks", I mean, "drop bits of peanuts and nachos on top of our sleeping child". Here's a case study of cause and effect:
Casey eating peanuts...
results in Beatrice Kate being covered in food reminants (look are at the image on the right and you can see the peanut-y bits). I'm pretty sure we'll be paid a visit by Child Services in the near future.

After a quick snack at the end of the game thanks to my newly acquired nursing shawl (yes, I am nursing at a ball game; notice the tiny feet sticking out on the right), we were back to the house for a quick nap and bedtime.

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