Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, it's here... the day Casey and I officially start our new diet. I know, I know. We've "started" a new diet several times since becoming parents- but this time we're announcing it on the internet so we can be heckled when we start to fall off the wagon.

We're beginning a diet called "The F-Factor Diet" by which we'll stop eating all bad carbs and crap and start eating more vegetables and proteins. The idea is that we'll be so full of high-fiber (the F standing for Fiber), hunger-combating protein, that we won't feel the need to stuff our faces with tortilla chips and fast-food snacks.

Really, we don't eat a lot of overly processed foods to begin with; but Casey and I each have the biggest sweet tooth (teeth?) you've ever seen. We can't just stop at one bite of ice cream, one cookie, one tiny sliver of cake. No, we rationalize eating an entire half gallon of Bryer's by saying that "it's best to get it out of the house quickly so as not to tempt ourselves". Trashing it, of course, never being an option. When Beatrice Kate was born, we (gratefully) at whatever was left on our doorsteps when we came home after long days in the NICU or whatever we could pick-up at a drive-thru in our Zombie-like worry during the ordeal. I guess we would try to fill the void of Bea's empty Co-Sleeper with delicious milkshakes and brownies (Somehow, dressing Cooper in baby clothes and swaddles just wasn't the same substitute). Then, when she came home, she didn't sleep and we didn't cook. As a result, we got "re-hooked" onto a super sugar-filled, convenience diet.

Well, enough is enough! Bea's sleeping like champ, acting like a normal baby and we're still eating like crap. We're both way too heavy and I absolutely refuse to wear maternity jeans for another fall (except of course at Thanksgiving). We'll let you know how it goes...

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