Monday, September 13, 2010

The Busy Bea

Hats are so in this season
This weekend held a lot of activity for the Collins Family, beginning with a visit from Grandma Betsy (Casey's mom). She brought up Beatrice Kate's baptism dress (why, yes, Bea will be sporting the latest and greatest from the Betsy B fall line) for a final fitting. It is SO CUTE. I would post pictures on here, but I want everyone to be surprised at how adorable Bea looks in it at her baptism in two weeks. Grandma also made Bea a new dress and a matching headband. What? A girl's got to look her best!

After Grandma went back to Winston-Salem, Mandrake and MiMi (Ashley's dad and step-mom) arrived for their visit. We all loaded up in MiMi's Christmas Car and headed downtown to The Busy Bea Bee Cafe for a late lunch. True to form, Beatrice Kate pitched a whale of a fit the entire trip there, which reached full intensity and peaked when she worked herself up so much, she actually started choking on her own saliva. Luckily, we were just pulling into the parking garage downtown, so MiMi and I pulled her out of her carseat faster than if it were on fire. Good grief that kid hates her carseat.

Mandrake and MiMi post-meltdown
Also happening in downtown Raleigh that day were the annual "Dog Olympics" at Moore Square, just around the corner from Busy Bea Bee so we strolled over for a bit. (Side note to Mandrake: Turns out, there is a Dog Paraolympics for dogs like Lilly; although, I don't know if canine anger issues are a qualifying disability... she may need a wheelchair like the Dachshund we saw.)

After a full-day out in public, which neither Bea or I get very often, we were all worn out and went back to stately Collins Manor, which by the way, is still for sale. Bea quickly went from this:
Out of her carseat, feelin' fine
 To this:
And that's not even a milk-induced stupor

Mandrake and MiMi went back to McAdenville on Sunday afternoon, leaving my husband time to come up with this brilliant idea:

Oh, Boy. There's no turning back now
Oh yeah, now he's sick and has been in bed most of the day so I've been left to start painting the cabinets. Did I mention that our house is still for sale? That's right... and we have a showing in 3 days?

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