Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Return to Mt. Pisgah

This past weekend (Labor Day weekend), we took the pups (well, the big two) back up to Mt. Pisgah/ National Forest for a few days of hiking, site-seeing and fresh air.

Cooper, AKA: Mr. Too-fat-to-hike, stayed at Grandma Toni's house all weekend; where we were told that he "Earned a Hamburger"... I'm not even going to comment on how he earned a hamburger; aside from saying... if Cooper has a talent, it's certainly his ability to persuade food to come his way (for a prime example, visit the previous entry involving a NY Strip).

Anyway, back to main story...

Case and I took Arnold and Mattie back to Mt. Pisgah Family Campground. It's located off of milepost 408 off the Blue Ridge Parkway and is AWESOME. We reserved a campsite back in June; so we were able to take our time getting to the campground, resting assured our spot was waiting on us. (Note: previously, we drove up at 4 a.m. and by chance, parked ourselves in the VERY last available spot). This year's campsite D12 was great. Tucked up behind a grove of mountian laurel and pine; our spot was elevated, private and very great for the dogs.

Arnold, in fact, thought so much of it that he snuck out of the tent on the first night. This revelation played out a little something like this:

Casey wakes up: "Uh, where's Arnold"

Ashley wakes up (takes out ear plugs): "Is that a joke? What do you mean 'where's Arnold'? He's next to Mattie"
Casey: "Uh, no he's not. Is he over next to you?"
Ashley: "Casey, we're in a 6x6 tent, where next to me would he be laying?"
Casey: "Well, he's not next to me or Mattie... wait, why is the tent open?"

Both of us (plus Mattie) hurridly crawled out of the tent to find Arnold laying at the top of the site; smiling. Jerkface. Apparently, Arnold wanted to get back to nature, and sleep under the stars. He even made himself a nice little dugout nest.
Anyway, the rest of the weekend went by beautifully. We found several blueberry thickets along each day's hike; which was a great surprise. We probably ate 2 pints of berries walking along the trails.

Mattie also got to try out her new "hiking boots"; which are just booties we bought to go over her front two paws; which are irritated from her allergies. They turned out to be God sends because they kept her from losing her footing in wet/slippery spots and kept the mud out of her paws. Also, an added benefit is that the booties kept her from breaking her legs walking around Daddy's overly-Pledged, deathtrapped floors.
Arnold acted like a Tourette's Syndrome kid and spazzed out when we put a pair on him. Needless to say we didn't make him wear them hiking.

All in all, Mt. Pisgah continues to be one of our favorite North Carolina destinations. This year, we ventured a little further into part of the Shining Rock Wilderness and part of the Art Loeb trail. It's quiet, refreshing and just plain relaxing to be there. And since there were no black bear encounters this year, we left with a little more confidence for our next trip. We're thinking of taking a short overnight backpack excursion here in the near future. We'll at least come next summer for all the blueberries.

We packed up camp and headed back to Stately Rankin Manor, where we were greeted by a very content Cooper. I mean, after all, he had a hamburger, a bed to sleep in and the leather chair to nap in. If he had a glass of scotch and cigar it may have been Heaven to him.

We celebrated Lilly's 2nd Birthday with ice cream, cake and hamburger meat for the pups; and pizza, ice cream and cake for the humans.

It was a good weekend had by all apparently.

Check out our online album for some more shots

Stay tuned for updates on the DC trip and general info on our lives (not like it's that exciting!)

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