Friday, August 28, 2009

August Synopsis

It's been a while since we had a good post, so here's the catch-up post:

We kicked off the month with several veterinary visits in a few days. Dr. Regina visited Mattie for yet another round of treatments for her ear infections and allergy issues, and Cooper for a slightly scarier procedure - a tumor removal from his abdomen. While Ashley had a nervous week in anticipation of her "baby boy" going under the knife, Cooper eagerly anticipated the surgery and tooth-cleaning for his reward. I'm pretty sure that this is the only house that cooks their tiny black dog a rare strip steak after a doctor's visit. As you can see, he was quite excited about it. He also got to have a "doggie cigar" and a glass of scotch with that, but Arnold made us take that photo down since he's a bit of a teetotaler.

Casey's taken several trips to South Carolina for work, which resulted in a few good photos. Here's one from Clemson's Death Valley - obviously this summer before the start of football season. Though the picture doesn't show it, this stadium seems massive to be located in the middle of campus (as opposed to Carter-Finley situated out at the fairgrounds). Not too shabby of a facility, although we still remain quite partial to the ole' State College grounds.

Here's a few other photos just for fun. See if you can guess where they were taken from:

In other news, our crazy neighbor continues to mow our grass - and"mowing" is a stretch - cutting the lawn at several different heights, mowing some areas and forgetting others, and completely ignoring our requests to let us take care of our own landscaping.

Speaking of which, our quite fertile backyard produced several volunteers this summer, most notably five cherry tomato plants and several types of basil. During July and August, we were averaging about four pints of small tomatoes per week, with about another two pints rotting on the vine! This was a nice surprise, given that our intentionally cultivated larger varieties produced hardly anything, and our planter-box herb garden was supplemented nicely. Needless to say, we ran out of ideas for things to do with cherry tomatoes, and resorted to giving away a lot of the bumper crop.

Joe and Toni joined us for the NC Beer, Bourbon, and Barbecue festival on August 15th - it was a pretty fun event, although mixing all three of those in the dog days' sunshine resulted in just a touch of seasonal discomfort. I hope the event planners can move it back a month or so in the coming years. Sweating and "glowing" aside, it was a fun time, and we even got some small commemorative glasses.

The master bath is coming along, and we'll have a complete wrap-up post and picture gallery once it's finally finished. We'll also post about our Labor Day camping trip to Mt. Pisgah, and in a week or so, expect a report of our odyssey to our nation's capital to visit some of the clan currently residing in that area!

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