Tuesday, July 28, 2009

biscuits, babies and brunch

We literally haven't been doing anything fun or exciting for the past few days. Mainly work, work and more work.

For those that didn't know, I (Ashley) recently started a new job within Syngenta handling internal communications. The new job is a great step towards my ultimate career goal of science writing and communications; but right now its really busy. Actually, to say it's really busy is an understatement. Its insane; but I asked for it so secretly, no matter how crazy it gets, I love it.

Casey's job is just as hectic. This past week, he was on a business trip and went on a version of Le Tour, but instead of Le Tour de France, he went on the Le Tour de South Carolina in his truck. Not nearly as glamorous. He's been working hard drumming up business for his company and sales guys with new projects happening right and left.

Also, our house-cleaner moved back to Wisconsin. That's really just rubbing salt in the wound!

To top it off, we've also re-started the "no sweets except on Sundays" policy; which has yet to last a full seven days. This means, on top of being crazy busy with our BlackBerries surgically attached to our hands in a house that reeks of dog hair and dust, we've also been cranky from either: 1) Sugar withdrawals or 2) Guilty consciences from sneaking Skittles when no one is looking.

So-- I tell you all of this this to say: WE NEEDED A BREAK. We capitalized on this weekend to catch up on some much needed R&R. This meant: BlackBerries in hibernation, kayaks hung back on their precisely-engineered (thanks, Casey) pulley system racks, no biking, running, hiking or otherwise tiring activities and no plans. It was fabulous. Really.

Saturday, we got up and tried out a new restaurant near NCSU. We had breakfast at the Flying Biscuit Cafe. (Sue, this was in honor of you!) For those that are unfamiliar with this Atlanta-born cafe: it's a hipster-esque, quaint, little restaurant in Cameron Village that serves a "healthy" and fresh version of breakfast all day (but with less sodium and bacon grease than Cracker Barrel). Overall, the food was pretty good (buttermilk pancakes and egg over easy with tomatillo salsa and blackbean cake) but it was SLAMMED and Casey says that his biscuit was sorely undercooked and gooey.

Afterwards, we took a trip to the NC State Farmers' Market and Whole Foods. We've been really trying to stick by a couple of policies surrounding our purchases lately:
  • Buy Local when possible
  • Buy fresh, whole foods (read: no Cheetos, processed Lean Cuisines or frozen burritos-- much to my dismay)
  • Buy environmentally sustainable products when possible (cleaning products, household goods, etc.).
Shopping at the Farmers Market each weekend enables us to meet two of the three criteria. After all that public interaction (it wears us out!) we took a nap and cooked a delicious new recipe for dinner. We should also mention that the Johnston County farmers grow some of the best canteloupe ever.

Sunday, we took brunch over to see our favorite set of triplets and their parents-- Eva and Jay. We can't say enough good things about the Melameds. They're the closest thing to family we have nearby and their kids are really cute. The Trips have moved to pureed foods now, so we got to help out with the lunchtime feeding of macerated chicken, cauliflower and apples. Yum. After we got home, we spent a little time picking up the dumpster that is our home and lounged.

See, I told you we didn't do anything fun. We're heading to see Harry Potter this weekend in IMAX and saying goodbye to our good friends James and Amy Goody (collectively called "The Goodys) who are moving to Texas next week.

PS: Where are the comments? I know we have more than just our parents and Sue reading... anybody out there?


  1. You can't take the Biscuit out of Atlanta and expect it to still fly!

  2. Forget the Biscuit....Go for the Pancake Puppies at Denny's!

  3. To further enhance Casey's Le Tour de SC, I strongly recommend reading the Pat Conroy interview in the August edition of Southern Living (okay, so it's a girl mag), and the exerpt of his highly anticipated new novel, South of Broad, first in 14 years (yes, I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon.com). (I happen to own a personally autographed copy of Beach Music, "To Sue, A Southern Girl," for which I stood in line for hours on a hot summer's day in Atlanta years ago. Well worth it too, I might add. He was charming and talked to me about his travels through NC. His father, the infamous role model for the Great Santini accompanied him on the book tour and stole the show!)

  4. Oh yeah. We spent a wonderful morning at The Flying Biscuit recently.
    Take a look at the photos. Flying off the plate biscuits. Definitely my last meal in Atlanta:
    Sometimes you just gotta have a biscuit