Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Today we had a little Sunday brunch to catch up with some folks now that we had a weekend back in town. Ashley made a delicious baked French toast dish (Sue, the gauntlet has been thrown down), a quiche, and some fresh berries and cream. Absolutely delicious, and enough food for an entire day. She also channeled her inner Betsy and laid out some nice small flower arrangements cut from the deck garden.

The Melamed babies were in attendance, raising the cuteness factor of the gathering by a factor of two to three Coopers each. Towards the end we let the dogs out to see their interaction with the Triplameds; Cooper, aside from being upset that they were on his couch, could not have been less interested. Arnold didn't pay them much attention because they're not mobile, and Mattie was convinced that baby foot tastes like ice cream, and thus, should be licked repeatedly.

The weekend was otherwise relaxing but uneventful. We got the house cleaned up, and Casey continued to work on the master bathroom renovation - we're almost ready for the tile to go up. He also weeded about half of the garden - no small challenge since it's been growing wild since this spring. We at least have proof that we've got very fertile soil in our beds. Next weekend we'll finish weeding and plant, probably with corn, squash, zucchini, and bush beans, and some marigolds to keep out the dang rabbits and bugs.

This week Casey has a business trip to Charleston (hopefully coming back with some good pictures). Ashley's trying out working from home this week while they get her trailer (seriously) office ready at work. We've got the National Weather Service on speed-dial just in case a tornado looks like it's coming through to tear up the Syngenta trailer park.


  1. I can see a December breakfast cookoff rematch on the horizon. Now regret sharing my "secret" improvements to the Baked French Toast recipe.

  2. Don't worry-- I didn't need your improvements :)