Thursday, May 21, 2009

Estamos Aqui

Dear family and friends,
We made it here, to Cusco safely. Actually, the trip so far has been amazing. Our flight from RDU to Atlanta was kicked off by the captian saying that to make up for the fact that we were running behind, he was going to <> no, not kidding.

The flight from Atlanta to Lima was very smooth and we were delighted to find that each seat had its own personal entertainment center so we could choose movies. Then we spent the night, literally, in the Lima Airport for 5 hours, where we alternated sleeping and guarding the bags. When we get to a better internet cafe, we´ll update the picture gallery.

Our tour guide, David Tejada, met us at the Cusco airport and took us to the hotel. We cannot say enough nice things about David and his hospitality. How often do you get to come to a different continent and be welcomed as if you were returning home to old friends? Tonight we´re going to an Incan music show in the town square. We have been eyeballing several great souveniors for everyone and of course for us!!

Ashley is having a hard time deciding which to adopt more of: The stray dogs (of which there are plenty) or tiny, precious Peruvian children. Seriously, they are the cutest kids on the planet. Sorry, Melameds.

Brian Potter: Dwayne has already had several fun adventures with pictures to prove it. Including but not limited to: SLeeping in the airport and Drinking Cusqueña beer. Also, he may or may not be taking a ride on a tiny alpaca toy.

The altitude is killing us, but we{re hoping a good nights sleep will help tomorrow. Plan B is to take a few of the meds that we brought to help combat it.

Tomorrow, we are going on a short tour of the city here and the nearby Incan ruins. HOpefully we can find a better internet cafe with a more functional keyboard.

Miss you all and we{ll update more tomorrow if we can. We start the hike on Saturday and will out of touch until Wednesday.

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