Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Bees

The past few weeks have been really busy for us. Here are just a few things we've been up to-
Evan (Casey's brother) graduated from Appalachian State University last Saturday. This means, aside from seeing Evan and Leah receive their diplomas, we also got spend a little time in Boone.
Thanks to a generous invitation from the Browns (Casey's cousins) we spent the night at their mountain top home with the following for our wake-up view. We missed western NC more than anything when we saw this.
We proudly watched Evan graduate and then headed on down to McAdenville for a last visit at stately Rankin Manor before the Peru trip. We checked out the mega-garden down there, where Master Gardener Paw-Paw (Ashley's step-granddad) has more vegetables growing then the entire extended family could eat: corn, squash, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, onions, herbs, and more. He's also got a few varieties of chickens in a henhouse - where he found and killed two blacksnakes eating eggs.

The rest of the week was pretty boring, as Casey was in Columbia, SC for meetings until Friday - this meant that I (Ashley) had to spend the last triathlon training sessions alone.

But boy, did those last minute trainings pay off. We did it! In under two hours, we completed my first/Casey's third triathalon. After getting kicked in the face and swallowing half the pool's water, being passed by all but about 10 people on the bike course, and (suprisingly) breezing through the run portion... we crossed the finish line. Together. I have to say, we'll be back doing more after Peru. Matching Tri Suits are optional:
Today, (Sunday) we cooked brunch (baked French toast--thanks Ann for the idea, berries and whipped cream and cherry cream cheese muffins) for our dear friends Eva and Jay (and the triplets). They don't make outings very often with the trips (understandably, with three kids; it takes A LOT of planning) so we were very flattered that they stopped in at our house on their way to the beach for Memorial Day. We weren't able to make it to Jay's suprise birthday party last night, so this was a good Plan B to celebrate with them before we left. While Casey had fun entertaining Sarah as we ate, we all took shifts holding all the babies. Being around the trips makes us want to start planning for our own babies someday and also serves as the best form of birth control ever. (Just kidding, they're really cute and snuggly) Besides, who wouldn't want to have babies with a guy that uses his finger as a pacifier.

After they left for their family vacation, we started packing for ours. We finally get to start loading up our backpacks for our trip to Peru. Packing for a trip in which we'll be away from most modern conviences poses a lot of challenges. There's a fine line between taking too many clothes, taking the perfect amount, and not taking enough that really, its just unsanitary. We called in Head Safety Officer Arnold to inspect the bags and to offer the proper ergonomic analysis for "real-world" scenarios - you know, in case we get attacked by llamas.
Be sure to check our picture page (click here) for more pictures of the past week and also, check back to our blog on Thursday or Friday. We'll try to blog and update when we get to Cusco and before we start the hike. In a place that barely has a hospital, you can rest assured, there will be more internet cafes then New York City. Not kidding.

Nos vemos en Peru, nuestra familia.

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