Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

This weekend we practiced for several things in hopes of perfecting our techniques for upcoming events--

1- Triathlon: Surprise, surprise we're still training for the tri. In less than 28 days we'll be swimming, biking and running for real in my (Ashley) first and Casey's third triathlon at the Statesville Rotary Tri. We knew we had a few other things to get done on Saturday so taking a 30 mile bike ride wasn't in the plans, so we decided on a short, 15 mile course. About 2/3 way through however, we noticed signs for "Detour" and "Road Closed"... naturally, we just ignored them and as you can see in the photo, we inadvertently took ourselves on a dicey little path. By "road closed" they really meant "road demolished, take this steel beam over a small creek"...

2- Gardening: Because we'll be gone for so long in May and because of Raleigh's unpredictable Spring weather, we're delaying the start of our big veggie garden for a few weeks. That being said-- we had the Old McDonald bug and were itching to plant something! So, as a compromise, we planted some herbs, a couple tomatoes, peppers, a strawberry plant in pots on the deck and a blueberry bush (in the yard). We also did a general 'spruce up' of the back deck and all in all, made it a really nice place to enjoy our Lilly's Pizza (where they will either forget to make your pizza totally or make it right away and then tell you to come in 30 mins; but it's so delicious, we just deal with those minor inconveniences) margaritas and homemade strawberry pie on Saturday night!

3- Kayaking: Yes, I'm serious. Somehow, my co-workers have convinced me to try a kayaking trip this coming weekend on the Haw River (Called the "Yee-Haw River Paddle").

Now, to fully appreciate how rediculous this really is, you need to know two things-- one: I almost died in a whitewater rafting trip in high school on the New River (needless to say, I'm a little hesitant around fast moving water) and two: when I told my father about going on the paddle trip, his first response was "Make sure you have on a life vest, you're not a very good swimmer." Enough said.

So, before we signed ourselves up for a 5 hour rapid-filled adventure without having ever laid eyes on a kayak, we thought it best to try out a 1.5 hour "quick-trip" on the much calmer Neuse River. Thanks to Paddle Creek boat rentals, we were able to accomplish this (all inclusive) for $25.

After that little trip, we registered for the 3 hour "Family Paddle" this weekend, as both of our shoulders were worn out, we nearly got divorced because of my spastic and erradic paddling and because I nearly flipped the boat (twice) in still water. Really, its much safter all around.

Check back later for updates and pictures on that!

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  1. I pretty much live for the raleighcollins blog updates! ;)