Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Adventures

Before we get into the meat of today's fun, let me make this one point: whole wheat waffles are terrible, even if made from scratch. Anytime you start with batter that looks like the picture to the left (which, honestly, looks like dog vomit), you can't really expect a delicious final product. And, since we gave up sweets for Lent, there was no drowning the waffles in hot syrup. I did make a berry-and-peach compote for the topping, which was good even without adding sugar. You win some and lose some.

Anyways, after a swim at Pullen Aquatic Center this morning, we spent a trip running errands around town. Fun errands, though, as we're gearing up for the triathlon and Peru trip. Simple enough, we thought, even as we headed into the lion's den of Cary (there's a whole lot more to that story, but this is neither the time nor the place for a rant on characterless suburban sprawl).

First up was a trip to Performance Bike, where we bought Ashley a bike helmet and shoes. I picked up this awesome cycling cap, which has the benefit of making me look like a lost European tourist. I also chose it because it was the team cap of Euskaltel-Euskadi, a Basque professional cycling team that is on the major European racing circuit. I think it's cool, but my wife disagrees. "From this picture you are able to see that this cap accentuates my husband's fat head.", was the exact quote. On a side note, Basque culture really is neat and unique - Mark Kurlansky's book The Basque History of the World is good reading if you want a non-traditional look at European and world history. His other books are great too, but I digress.

We escaped the bike store with what we came for, and look forward to a ride soon. From there it was on to REI to look at boots and sleeping bags. Ashley found the boots she was looking for, and we tested out sleeping bags in the store. If we ever buy one at REI, we'll make sure to ask for an "untested" one. For what it's worth, I now know the difference between a three-pound sleeping bag and a six-pound sleeping bag - about $65. We'll try and find lightweight bags online for a little less.

From REI we went to get the last two books in the Twilight series, which Ashley has been reading incessantly (read: two books in two days). I, on the other hand, pick through books at a snail's pace. I'm currently reading Choke by Chuck Palahniuk (thanks to Jay) and The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.

Upon returning to the house, we found this scene: That is, of course, Mattie, with two socks in her mouth. The culpable party in the plan was probably her younger brother, but that is speculative, as he was soon feigning a squirrel watching safari on the deck. Arnold was too busy guarding a rope toy to be responsible, but he took the blame anyways.

Look for CROP walk updates tomorrow!

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