Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just getting started...

We decided to totally steal Evan and Leah's idea of using a blog to update our friends and family about our lives. (Sorry, guys!)

We figured it really is the easiest way to stay connected with everyone.

Currently, we're spending a lot of time with three major things:
2-Triathlon training (mildly all about this)
3-Peru Preparation

Ikea: After several months of driving past the "Coming in Spring '09" signs, it's finally here! We recently visited the new Ikea store in Charlotte. We learned two things: Western North Carolinians were more excited about the $0.99 breakfast and Swedish meatballs then they were about the actual furniture designs and its actually possible to spend more money in 4 hours then you have spent in the past month. We can say this because came close to remortgaging the house to pay for our purchases...

Triathlon Training: That's right... we signed up for a triathlon in May. Yes, we may be crazy and yes, one of us (and I think we all know who that is) may be carried out on a strecher at the end. I (Ashley) recently started taking swimming lessons at a local community pool in anticipation of the 300m swim. I'm learning a few things... how to breathe without drowning, how to backstroke (instead of doggie paddling), and if needed... how to walk the last 25 meters. I'll keep you posted on how things progress (don't expect much!).

Peru Preparation: We're just shy of 8 weeks until the big trip to South America. Land of the potato. Most of you know, but we're heading to Peru to hike Macchu Pichu on May 20th. We'll spend 5 days hiking into the Inca Valley and the other days getting used to the altitude. Already, we're using our guest bedroom as a storage bin for all the things we might want to take along. We've got our backpacks out, camelbacks sanitized, and antimicrobial undies purchased. We've been taking weekend hikes to nearby trails to get used to carrying weight up hills. If all else fails... we'll just practice with Cooper in one of the packs. That's a weight you don't want to carry around! The picture is from this weekend at Raven Rock...Cooper searched for any and all spots to cool down (fatty).

Check back periodically to see what we're up to; what we're into; and what the dogs are destroying next...

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