Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeding the Addiction...

Friday we went out for "date night" and tried a new restaurant in Downtown Raleigh, 18 Seaboard.

The atmosphere was nice; although it was packed with a lot of "business drunk" dinner parties. Service was a little slow; but not terrible. The food was good, not great. On the plus side, we had a cheese plate for an appetizer (which had three kinds of cheeses and candied/dried fruits) and the wine (a Pinot Noir called "A to Z") was excellent.

Saturday we secretly went back to IKEA. We thought we would sneak into Charlotte under the parental radar and exchange the kitchen table (we bought the wrong size two weeks ago). The original plan was to get up and leave Raleigh around 7AM, be at IKEA when it opened at 10, have a quick breakfast (the $0.99 one, of course!), exchange the table and ski-daddle out of there before anyone knew we were in the area.

Well, we didn't wake up until 7, leave until 9, meaning we didn't get there until noon. By then, the place was a nut house. We parked on the very last row; probably somewhere close to Randolph County.

So instead of breakfast, we had lunch. Which, to be honest, as disappointing. Casey braved the Swedish meatballs... the gravy was questionable. None the less, we got a new table (and a few other things...) and headed back to Raleigh.

I'm glad we didn't see anyone we knew (especially family)... I didn't want to be responsible for our foul temperments. Trust us, you wouldnt have wanted to be around us either. We were in HORRIBLE moods after the rainy walk into the store and the unbelievably packed crowds.

Plus, all throughout the first floor the smell of warm cinnamon rolls wafts around the place and had us under its magic, whispering spell (we gave up sweets for Lent this year).

Of course, in the end, Ashley's big mouth blabbed our 'secret' trip to her family; and the cover was blown. We'll post pictures soon of the new furniture. We just have to get it assembled (and by we, I mean--Casey).


  1. can operate a blog and keep a secret at the same time!

  2. correction - can't operate a blog and keep a secret at the same time.