Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dog Whisperer

We've had visitors with us for the past few days-- Duke and Nino. Now our dog collection runs the full spectrum of sizes (XS-XL!)

Our friends, Ryan and Danielle, had to go out of town/out of the country for business so we volunteered to dog sit. Duke is a previous house guest and when he arrived, he fit right back into our pack. His little brother, Nino, on the other hand has visited for lunch; but never stayed over night. We were a little worried that he may get stepped on by the giants in our house.

Not at all the case. He and Arnold are long, lost friends and have formed an alliance against two things: the mailman and our weirdo neighbors (both viable threats).

We're very pleased at how well everyone gets along. Mattie finally has someone who wants to play!!

Also their stay has allowed me to work on a technique first perfected by my father: The Chihuahua Hold

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  1. Hey, it's Wednesday. Could we could get some updated news here??